Sarmax Cheyenne ST2 Brushing Machine
The Cheyenne ST2 machine has been designed and manufactured using cutting-edge production technologies able to provide strength, operating precision, reliability over the years.

The machine can be used for either the production of aged solid wood elements or indeed for the brushing and polishing of these elements dependant on the type of brushes fitted.

Its main features are a vertical sliding system with high-precision guides, adjustable double-spring pressers with 50mm diameter galvanised-steel rollers, motor unit with integrated 35mm shaft for extra strength and dynamically-balanced high-speed brushes for vibration-free operation.

The machine consists of two independent brushing units; the first unit (steel brush) is for roughing, while the second (silicon carbide brush) is for finishing. The degree of ageing can be changed by setting the work depth.

The Cheyenne ST2 offers a broad range of uses, from working window and door frames to carpentry pieces such as matchboards and floor planks.

Different degrees of finishes can be obtained by changing the type of brushes.

Flexibility makes the Cheyenne ST2 an excellent brushing machine; and not only by changing the brushes according to requirements, the Cheyenne ST2 also polishes, cleans and applies products on wooden profiles.