Altendorf F45 Sliding Table Panel Saw

Altendorf F45 Evo Drive
Sliding Table Saw

The range of F45 panel saws are renowned worldwide foe their build quality, durability and innovation

The F45 Evo Drive is equipped to provide a host of features that not only make the machine a pleasure to use but also improve productivity. With its 3200mm sliding table and 1300mm rip fence capacity the machine is tailored to suit the busy manufacturer who cuts jumbo sheets. The powered rip fence is a major boon to productivity eliminating the time wasted walking around the machine to set dimensions whilst improving the accuracy of the machine.

The 7.5Hp main motor gives plenty of power whilst the option to upgrade to 10Hp is available. With start and stop buttons located on the sliding table and the overhead control panel the machine is designed to be efficient and accurate in everyday use.

The scriber is supplied with a rapido unit which enables width adjustment to be carried out with an Allen key eliminating the need to mess about with shims. The scriber also has a LED light strip which warns operators of the dangerous area.

The Evo Drive controller has a 7” touch screen which controls up to 4 axis including saw blade tilt. The unique grooving facticity allows grooves or rebates to be cut with the controller taking charge of the fence settings and calculations.

The controller will also cope with a combined use of the rip and crosscut fences allowing for saw kerf. The controller can store up to 100 tools as well as scorer position and blade speed.

When inclining the saw blade the machine automatically makes the necessary adjustments to the rip fence to maintain dimensional accuracy.

With a capacity to store up to 999 cutting programs and intuitive controller navigation between stored programs is done with ease.

The Duplex mitre fence allows for angles of up to 45ΒΊ both in the negative and positive without the need to disturb the crosscut fence.

The machine is also supplied with aa eccentric clamp and additional workpiece support for large panels.

A whole range of options are available for the complete range of F45 machines enabling them to be customised to suit individual applications.

Sliding Table Length 3200mm
Rip Fence Capacity 1300mm
Main Motor Power 7.7Hp
Main Blade 250mm – 450mm
Scriber 120mm
Power Requirements 25Amp
Extraction Connections 1 x 120mm 1 x 80mm
Weight 1200Kg