Altendorf WA80 TE Sliding Table Panel Saw

Altendorf WA80 TE
Sliding Table Saw

The WA 80 range of saws has a wide range of options available to suit both furniture and joinery manufactures

With a sliding table length of 3200mm and a rip fence capacity the WA80 TE is ideally suited for manufactures cutting jumbo sheets.
The rip fence features micro adjustment ensuring high levels of accuracy. The crosscut fence extends to 3200mm and is supplied with 2 flip over stops. For customers who want to cut angles there is a choice of available options which can be suited to individual requirements.
Its powerful 7.5Hp motor with 3 speeds provides ample power for most applications and the option to increase this to 10Hp is available for joinery companies or shop fitters who want to process solid timber.

Sliding Table Length 3200mm
Rip Fence Capacity 1300mm
Main Motor Power 7.7Hp
Main Blade 250mm – 450mm
Scriber 120mm
Power Requirements 25Amp 3Ph & N
Extraction Connections 1 x 120mm 1 x 80mm
Weight 1100Kg