Aspan CAD-CAM Software
Aspan is a CAD-CAM application for programming numerical control machinery.
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface.
  • Integrated CAD environment that include all that you need to realize drawings through simple and dedicated commands (holes, routings, etc.) and also evoluted and powerful commands (text, pokets, tilted planes, etc.)
  • Integrated CAM environment where drawings are converted into machine programs by using a series of utilities for operations such as automatically assigning tools and optimizing machining sequences.
  • Possibility to generate programs for multiple machines starting out from a single drawing.
  • Import procedure for files in DXF format, CSV and text (.asc) files, and also possibility of connection with AutoCAD.
  • Availability of optional modules: optimizes the filling of a panel (Nesting), external images conversion (Vector), guided realization of a cabinet (Cabinet), and guided realization of a single panel door (Doors).